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Transcending the Personal

A five day retreat in Spain.
8th – 12th June 2017

Only one thing stands in the way of living a mentally and spiritually healthy life filled with peace, love and wisdom: the personal ego and the fear it breeds. It is behind all our problems, difficulties and issues and is usually the most difficult thing we bump up against in our lives. No matter how much we understand the Three Principles it seems to rear its head again and again, and we keep getting tricked. The purpose of this retreat is to explore how to get it out of our way, and to see what happens to us when we are able to transcend it.

However, because consciousness makes the ego and fear look and feel so real, it is not so easy to extract ourselves from the “reality” of it or to see our way through it. This takes deeper exploration. The answer does not lie in trying to change our thinking, or in “figuring out”, or in getting to the root of where it comes from, or in stating the mantra, “There is no ‘I’”; the answer lies in truly transcending it. But what does transcending the personal really mean?  And how can we help it happen, when it does look and feel so real? This is the direction our exploration will take in our first retreat.

For some of us it will be enough to see it more deeply for ourselves. For practitioners who attend we will also explore how transcending the personal impacts the effectiveness of our work with others.

Who is it for?

Anybody who already has some understanding of the Three Principles and would like to gain the benefits listed below.

What are the Benefits of Attending this retreat?

  • gain a deeper understanding of what “the personal” really means and how it and the fear it breeds is the only thing standing in our way of living in a state of peace and love
  • more deeply explore the varying aspects of the personal and how subtly and insidiously it works within us all, even when we understand the Principles
  • gain a deeper understanding of what “transcending” really means, what we are transcending to
  • become better able to deeply listen to what our personal blocks are saying to us and to
  • become better able to help ourselves and others see through the personal blocks standing in our and others’ way, deeply listen to wisdom and see how to transcend them via the spiritual

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The retreat will be facilitated by Gabriela Maldonado-Montano & Dr Jack Pransky

Helping Others Transcend the Personal

A 5 day retreat in Spain
27th – 31st October 2017

It is one thing (and necessary) to understand how we, ourselves, can transcend the personal. It is another thing to help others see it for themselves, as well. Some of us work with others formally as coaches, counselors, therapists or teachers. Others would love to be able to help their loved ones, friends or those with whom they work to transcend the ego and fear as well. The purpose of this retreat is to gain an understanding of how to help others to transcend the personal.

As usual, this retreat will contain a combination of talks, small group discussions, deep listening pairs and more, combined with the mind relaxing in a beautiful, safe, fun setting.

Who is it for?

Anybody who already has some understanding of the Three Principles and who would like to gain the benefits listed below.

Retreat Description

This Retreat will generally follow the format of the “Cultivating the Art of Working Effectively with Others One-on-One,” which was conducted in Albir last year. Helping others to transcend the personal is also an art (as opposed to a skill) that needs to be cultivated.
Helping others to transcend personal ego and fear adds a new and different dimension to merely seeing how it works within ourselves. It is easy to flounder in attempting to help others see this within themselves. Sometimes we don’t know which way to turn. Sometimes we have to dip in and out of helping people to look in the direction of what the ego is doing to them and pointing in the direction of spiritual transcendence. This is where the “art” comes in. No matter how good we are at helping others we can all get even better.
This Retreat will help people become even better grounded in transcending the personal

What are the Benefits of Attending this Retreat?

  1. Further deepen personal grounding in seeing and transcending the personal
  2. Cultivating the art of helping others personally, whether as a therapist, counselor or coach, or simply as someone who wishes to help loved ones or others informally, by-
    • helping others’ minds to quiet,
    • listening extremely deeply,
    • knowing the best direction to go with anyone in the moment, whether towards uncovering the personal or moving toward the spiritual and to transcendence
    • transcending the personal to become free of restraints about how it should be done.
  3. Gain a feeling of relaxation, comfort and confidence. 


This Retreat will include-

  • One-on-one demonstrations
  • Observing one-on-one helping
  • Practicing one-on-one helping with others
  • Examples of cases that brought hope to others who were able to transcend the personal, even in highly problematic stressful situations
  • The opportunity to bring the most difficult problems you’ve experienced with others/clients to get fresh perspective
  • Receiving personal feedback in a completely safe atmosphere
  • Reflection and relaxation time on the lovely Mediterranean coast of Spain
  • A good feeling

Booking Now Open via Eventbrite

The retreat will be facilitated by Gabriela Maldonado-Montano & Dr Jack Pransky

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