Upcoming Events with Jack Pransky

Below you will find opportunities to train with Jack Pransky.

February 17-18 Perth, Australia w/Jen Nichols

The Essence of the Three Principles

February 24-25 Melbourne, Australia (Mornington Peninsula) w/Fiona Lukeis

The Essence of Well-Being

March 3-4 Sydney, Australia w/Dean Rees-Evans

Mining the Depths of Pure Consciousness: Finding Peace within the Rat Race of the Modern World

April-October webinar course, plus Albir, Spain weekend
Saturday, April 14 – Sunday, October 21

(see October, below)
4/14, 5/9, 6/14, 7/12, 8/9, 9/12, 10/20-21 w/Sheela

Event Link: Sharing the Three Principles Simply and Powerfully

April  7-8 Toronto, Canada w/Michael Fall

(title unknown as yet)

May  13-14 London, UK Innate Health (Tikun) Conference
May 26-28 Rimini, Italy w/Monica Fava

Innate Health in Human Being

June 3-4 Israel w/Raizel Druxman

(title unknown as yet)

October 20-21 Albir, Spain w/Sheela

Culmination of webinar course: Sharing the Three Principles Simply and Powerfuly
Event Link: Sharing the Three Principles Simply and Powerfully

October 25-29 Albir, Spain w/Gabriela Maldonado-Montano

Simplifying the Art and Power of Three Principles Coaching

November 3-5 Albir, Spain

Viva event

If you want an event in your area

Jack Pransky "at work"Jack Pransky, Ph.D. can provide seminars, workshops, trainings and keynote addresses from an inside-out perspective on many topics related to personal, organizational and community well-being, including living in well-being, parenting, teaching, relationships, stress, community work, improving organizational functioning, spirituality and many more. Jack’s presentations and trainings are always adjusted and adapted to meet your needs. All can be brought to you, wherever you are located, upon request.



Training Schedule — 3 Comments

  1. Jack, I’m reading your book Seduced by Consciousness.It’s one of several books I’ve read in the last month on the Three Principles. each has had an impact on me but Seduced by Consciousness has given me a deeper connection.I would say a deeper understanding but it’s not on that level.
    The reason I’m writing is I have a small business and I’d love to share this with my people,6 of us total. Our business is a staffing firm and we put an average of 180 people to work each day.
    most of the people we put to work are very poor minorities from bad neighborhoods with criminal records and drug and alcohol problems who come to us for a job as a way out. needless to say most fall back. My heart breaks for them and I thought there may be some way of introducing them to the Three Principles.
    If you have a chance and are interested I’d love to speak with you about a way to bring this to my office people and to our associates.
    My phone # is 609 505 8116,that’s my cell so you can call anytime.
    Sorry about the long message.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Love ,

    Dave Rodier

  2. Is there a schedule for 2018 in Europe? I would love to participate, both retreats in Spain in 2017 look great, but I need to schedule time off work in advance.

    Thank you.

  3. I just read Jack’s book and it really resonated with me. It seems as if both of these retreats are sold out? Or am I reading it wrong?

    I am a New Yorker living in Ireland and would love to attend ♥.
    Theresa Fitzpatrick

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