Defying description, this captivating, profound book has been depicted as part self-help manual, part spiritual autobiography, in which the author uses his own life experiences and those of his clients in a revealing, raw and honest manner to contrast the difference between the peace, love, joy and wisdom that occur when these Principles are realized in one’s life, and the suffering that occurs when this understanding remains unrealized or forgotten. The question is asked: Will we be trapped in the illusions of our own creation, or will we fall back into our true spiritual nature and essence? This book creates a special opportunity for readers to have insights that reveal the answer, and this will change lives.

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“In this captivating book, Jack shares his understanding of the depth and richness contained within the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought. Jack uses stories to consistently point us toward how we all create our own inner stories, and then toward the illusory nature of these thought-created stories, and then to the fundamental spiritual facts that always underlie these stories. The honesty with which Jack shares his own life, blind spots and all, will encourage you to take an honest look at your won life. Jack’s vision is of a wholistic spirituality which embraces the total human, from the personal to the universal. Read this book and prepare yourself for insights!”

Dicken Bettinger, Ed.D.,
Co-author, Coming Home