Jack PranskyAbout the Director… Dr. Jack Pransky is a Three Principles Author, Trainer and Practitioner: a Coach of Coaches and a Counselor of Counselors.

Jack Pransky is a national and international consultant, speaker, and author who has worked in the field of prevention and community organizing since 1968. He authored all the books found on this website.

Jack has been responsible for a number of accomplishments in the field:

  • helping to create the first Spirituality of Prevention conference in the country (with Prevention Unlimited),
  • the first state prevention law in the country,
  • the first school climate improvement programs in Vermont,
  • Vermont’s Juvenile Court Diversion system,
  • two parent-child centers and other successful community-based programs.

He specializes in prevention from the inside-out, and specifically in The Three Principles/Health Realization.

In 2004 he won the Vermont Prevention Pioneers Award.

Contact Details

Jack Pransky
Center for Inside-Out Understanding
301 Club Circle 1070
Boca Raton, FL 33487

Phone: +1 802-249-0620
Note that the Center is more of a virtual one these days rather than a physical center.

Jack Pransky can now be seen being interviewed at ThreePrinciplesMovies.com. We now finally have a PayPal Account for your convenience in paying for books purchased directly from this site, or for counseling or coaching sessions. All you have to do is go onto PayPal and type in the e-mail address: jack@healthrealize.com.

Counseling, coaching, supervision and/or mentoring is available from Jack Pransky via telephone from anywhere in the country and beyond, or in person. If interested please email Jack

Jack Pransky will travel nearly anywhere to conduct trainings based on The Three Principles, from beginner to advanced. To get a training going in your area, call Jack at 802-249-0620.