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Jack Pransky Three Principles Training, Counseling and Coaching Endorsements

Jack PranskyI just have to tell you what amazing stuff this [inside-out understanding] is! It just blows me away… It has been a great gift for me this year to have had the opportunity of learning from you… I feel so much better I can hardly believe I am me! I think I would have lost my mind if (a) I had not had the chance to go to that training session in Bennington and (b) not been able to have you as a counselor.  I was thinking about that last night and remembering the tears and flapdoodle that you had to cope with.  I remembered so clearly that however miserable and upset I was when I called, I was ALWAYS much calmer when our conversation ended.  From that first exposure to HR, I just knew that medication (much recommended by others in my life) was not going to help me as much as having contact with you. I will be eternally grateful to you for…persisting in talking to me about doing the LTT so that I finally saw a glimmer of possibility that turned into, “This is doable!!!!”  That in itself has been a lesson that I will surely never forget. I have had this experience talking with you before:  very quickly I feel a bedrock calm setting in.  It’s very odd. Of course it’s in me but how come it doesn’t happen when I’m talking to someone else?
BN, Knowlton & Inukjuak, Quebec

I used to have awful feelings and moods that I would get bogged down with. They would make me feel immobilized, and life would look bleak and joyless when I was in those moods. My self-esteem was all caught up in this, and I would exist from day to day with a heavy burden of low self-esteem and high anxiety. This affected my health, my choice of jobs, relationships, everything. I was always driving after something (that would make me feel better) that seemed forever elusive. The Three-Principles Long-Term training helped me realize that all this was caused by my own thinking. This is a nice surprise and has lifted the burden pretty much instantly. Just knowing that it is my thinking that is driving me crazy, I am somehow able to see things in perspective: when I have those awful feelings, I can realize that it is just my thoughts, and not get sucked into a mire of belief that my dark thoughts are reality. So now I am a lot better than I was a year ago…. it helped me to see that I should trust that…essence…, and why when you use thought to force a solution to a problem, it usually doesn’t work. So thank you!
J.S. Connecticut

Health Realization gave me exactly what I had been searching for- “peace of mind!” … I am now at a point in my life where I feel that I more truly live the life I want and feel ever so  empowered to know the secret of “I have the POWER to CREATE the life I WANT.” I used to worry about everything, focus on things outside of my control and try and make everything better.  I used to project to the future, think of the past and rarely ever live in the present. I used to beat myself up and make everything my fault, feel that somehow for some reason I deserved what was happening to me, and I perpetually fretted about the “what-if’s” I now focus on what I choose to focus on, take control only of things within my control.  I live only in the present and create my presence in the present and enjoy it, I view the past as something that happened which I can choose to listen to, learn from or just leave behind, I live in a world that I create…I feel the awesome nature and potential of Health Realization each and every time we meet as a group, and under the teachings of Dr. Jack Pransky this “feeling is magnified tenfold.”…[This understanding] has brought me the deepest sense of serenity I have ever experienced.  It has allowed me to use the innate power I have always known existed and believed in but never knew how to harness it and use it to it’s infinite potential.  I have learned and fully accepted that “I create my reality!” and that by living in this light- I can make anything happen and can choose to react to everything in a manner which keeps me in my own personal health. I possess everything I need within me, as each of us does- and that is truly empowering.
A.K. Chicago

I’m not sure what has happened, but I’m in an utterly different space to where I was before. It’s an odd experience, to tell the truth. There was no quasi-religious “blinding lights” while on the ‘phone to you and none since (- although there have perhaps been a couple of minor Kodak flashes). Still, I feel like I somehow “caught” some kind of peace of mind from you. It’s very odd. Wonderful – and wonderfully strange. Thanks and thanks again – for your decency, your generosity, and your evident humanity.
C.F., Ph.D., Australia

Things are just going good.  Can’t remember the last time I hand a relapse into the thinking that makes me want to die.  I will never be able to thank Nancy for bringing you and your wisdom into my life when I needed it so badly.
C.N., Vermont

…after our last talk–I wanted to report that the work went to another beautiful level as result of talk 🙂
G.D. , Arizona

First I wanted to thank you for the beautiful videos you did for Greg’s Deep Guidance Series.  You have the most wonderful, quiet and perfect way of explaining the Principles… You said something in those videos that I have not forgotten Jack and that was that we are doing alright whether we know it or not and that has really stuck with me…  I wanted to… thank you for the guidance I have received from you with the Principles, discovering and incorporating them into my life has truly been life-changing for me and I love that I can now share this with others.
D.C. Arizona

I…wanted to thank you for yet another moving experience.  The training brought up some new issues for me, that perhaps I had tucked away for a while and well, now I am able to look at them again with fresh new eyes.  This really hit home for me as it always does.  It’s amazing how…this connection has awakened my spirit to yet more healing and experiences.
C.M.,  Vermont

I had a wonderful follow up conversation with Valerie and then later with Kathleen and both felt very supported by this process.  Valerie was extremely impressed by your skills and intuitive nature – she felt you were is close alignment with the impressions of the teachers but able to state things in a fresh way and generate recommendations.  Her class the day after your consultation was vastly different – the students were aware of the difference…
D. Principal, Orchard Valley School, Vermont

The weekend was insightful for me and when I feel anxious and troubled I think back to lessons and your peaceful nature and it helps. Your work has had such a positive impact on so many people and your presence proves that there can be a way of peace.
D.G., ?

I enjoyed the classes we took last year and know that they changed my life.
T.M., Milwaukee

I have had a significant shift in my thinking about teaching the Principles from our conversations.  A comment you made triggered it.  You said, “Most people think this is just another theory or philosophy …”  I have been teaching the Principles differently since you said that, more from a place of conviction.  I knew for myself that the Principles are extraordinary but I was nervous about making that claim.  I felt no one would believe me until they themselves had had their own insights so I was “easing them into it” using softer language and expressions that were familiar to them.  These underlying thoughts were also influencing the choices I was making on where to teach the Principles. I have now changed the name and verbiage of my class description to reflect the certainty of the truth of the Principles.
C.C., Oregon

You know, the only one who helped my thinking shift from a heap of habits to something that is a lot healthier, less habitual and more in tune with who I am is you, and you are on the other side of the world!  You pointed me in a different direction, you stayed pretty consistent in not colluding with my habits and you stayed firm in the truth of wisdom within. Everyone needs this.
GM, Western Australia

Through his gifted way of communicating, Jack helps people tap into their own wisdom, even if you think you don’t have any.  If what you seek is a better, more joyous way of being, the principles…will change your life.  Just as Jack Pransky has helped me tap the truth within myself, you too will see how to transform your life. I now have a different realization about myself, my relationships, and my work.  Instead of carrying around sadness and hopelessness, I now know that every moment holds the possibility for joy…. if I so choose.
PF, Vermont

By accessing my own health and wisdom I experienced true inner healing.  I was then able to (begin to) move forward with my life in peace and joy, with confidence, and with a strength and knowing that was never before present in my life…Through deep listening and accessing his own health and wisdom, Jack is able to cut to the heart of a matter and assist others in the process of healing and self-discovery through the realization of their own inner health and wisdom.
SB, Vermont

[I have]…experience[d] relief from trauma due to years of abuse. I have begun to see myself and others in a new way. This new way is now filled with compassion and gratitude for what life has given me the opportunity to experience. Being exposed to [this inside-out understanding] has caused a shift in the way I see my role in life.
M.B., Vermont

Jack’s approach has given me much hope! … I personally have “let go” of so much heartache that has had control of me for most of my life.  This understanding also helped me to realize that after being miserable for 10 years from the loss of my mother, I could live again.  Not only could I live, but I could be happy… I am currently going through one of the most difficult and challenging times of my life and this approach gives me a tremendous amount of comfort!  The understanding of the 3 principles…empowers one to take back control and be confident that it is an inside out world.  I will be ok, no, I will be spectacular!
K.O., Kansas

I’ve been around this understanding for nearly 10 years and it has been helpful personally and professionally; but since working with Jack, my understanding has deepened significantly. Jack’s warmth, understanding, deep-seeing, and unwavering faith in my own innate health and wisdom has helped me to really see the principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought creating my moment-to-moment experience. Most importantly, he lives what he teaches.
VF, Illinois

Time spent in conversation with Jack Pransky has changed my life; definitely for the better.  Jack gently and patiently helped me see my self-limiting thoughts, how they don’t matter and that I don’t need to do anything about them.  He has been a coach…for several years now and my life has been greatly enriched.  I am very grateful for his role in helping me see how effortless, peaceful and joyful my personal and professional life can be.
MH, Atlanta

I have been very inspired by your words and trainings… You make it accessible and you keep it real (and do not complicate it 🙂  in a way that I feel are in line with how Sydney Banks wanted to spread this understanding.
E.K. Sweden

…. after listening to an interview by Jamie Smart with Jack Pransky a few months ago I saw my world change “into different light” for the first time. …I love the simplicity and clarity of your words, they just sink in…. …. It just happens naturally and I see good results which encourages me even more to keep deepening and sharing…because it feels so good…;-)
K.S., Spain

You helped me so much the short moment in time you were in my life. I respected the work you did and how you cared so much for others without ulterior motives and helped me see a different way. Thank you.
E., Minnesota

I wanted to also say “Thank you” for the wonderful telecon on Tuesday with Sheela last week, it was such a fantastic feeling that was transmitted through the whole call, a real gift.
R. S., Austria


“It’s difficult to describe how fired up people are—they “experienced and understood,” and it gives me so much hope of moving our community forward in a big way, let alone what it will do for each of us personally. Its the true essence of our either making our journey sublime and with greatness, or passable and mundane. It was wonderful to have you here, and I will work hard to bring you back, as you still have 36,742 people in our county to help/teach this to.”
–Mary Marchel, Director
Beltrami County Nursing Service,
Bemidji, MN

“Thank you for renewing my spirit, and our community.”
–Susan Smith, Psychotherapist
Bemidji, MN

I wanted to share with you that the workshop on understanding internal resilience was invaluable to me. Personally, it was an opportunity to for me to take the time to deeply examine the condition and state of my soul. The workshop challenged me not only to reflect on who I am and the purpose of my life but also how I prevention in my work. I wanted to share with you that others have approached me and talked about their lives and relationships changing as a result of their participation in the workshop. It was a powerful workshop and I will not soon forget what I have learned.
–Sun He Pak Gage
Haverill, MA

Thank you for the excellent presentation. I feel like you gave me a gift.
–Nancy Buckley
Austin, TX

[We] are still talking about what a positive experience it was for almost everyone. We were encouraged and excited by how well you affected the [caregivers] interaction. Very positive remarks, Overall quality was considered excellent.
–Deborah Richards,
Resource Coordinator – SRS,
Newport, VT

“Our gratitude and appreciation to Jack Pransky for his invaluable training in The Health Realization Approach. Miigwetch, Jack!”
–Ojibwe Tribal Council
Red Lake Reservation, MN

Excerpts of evaluation comments from a Health Realization course (rated 4.8 out of 5):

  • “Fantastic. Mr. Pransky is a jewel.”
  • “Profoundly insightful course offering an approach to prevention that will enhance all aspects of interaction and life.”
  • “Excellent presentation. I wish I had more time in this class”
  • “What a wonderful way to bring it all together. Jack, by his presence and serenity enabled me to grasp concepts that only come from the heart. New learnings that will impact my life and work.”
  • “Absolutely the best part of my week. Presenter was great, well-prepared, and a wonderful guide to his approach.”
  • “An excellent, excellent course. Would like to have a follow-up after digesting what I have learned. Excellent teacher.”
  • “Wonderful course! Learned new attitudes—perspective.”
  • “This class was great. It went far beyond my expectations. Jack Pransky is a thoughtful, considerate instructor who is careful to blend quiet lecture with movement and dialogue. The hours flew by.”

…and from another institute (Rowan College – New Jersey):

  • “I loved the class…I got a lot out of the class that I can use personally and professionally! Jack, thanks so much!”
  • “Wonderful experience. The best workshop I’ve had yet. Jack Pransky is a Prevention Superstar!”
  • “This course should be required for anyone presenting a prevention course.”
  • “Thank you for bringing in this excellent educator. This workshop was excellent!! All proclaimed prevention presenters should have this workshop.
  • “Thank you!”
  • “Very good and useful in my understanding. I need the presenter’s book. I’m looking. Excellent.”
  • “Jack Pransky’s presentation was very interesting and new.”


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