Jack PranskyJack Pransky, Ph.D. can provide seminars, workshops, trainings and keynote addresses from an inside-out perspective on many topics related to personal, organizational and community well-being, including living in well-being, parenting, teaching, relationships, stress, community work, improving organizational functioning, spirituality and many more. Jack’s presentations and trainings are always adjusted and adapted to meet your needs. All can be brought to you, wherever you are located, upon request.

We also provide a long-term professional training program for people who want to learn how to apply this understanding in work with communities, organizations, groups, parents, schools, and others through the inside-out approach of “The Three Principles.”

Note that in addition the Center for Inside-Out Understanding offers counseling and coaching by telephone or in person for personal well-being, for parenting, for teaching, and supervision and coaching for Three Principles practitioners.

Also see news for scheduled training courses.

There are many testimonials for Jack Pransky’s seminars, workshops and trainings here.


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  1. For my 70th birthday I asked my husband to study your book somebody should’ve told us. For my 50th anniversary I asked that we take a seminar. Is there anything coming up , we live in New York. The work is brilliant.I Share this with anyone open to hearing about it Thank you !thank you !thank you Susan Charow

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