Introducing the

Video Auditor Track of the
Extended Professional Training (EPT)

Since Jack insists this really is his last EPT, we had a flash of insight that if enough people were interested, perhaps people could “audit” the training from afar, for a small, reasonable fee.

Extended Professional Training classHere’s what’s on offer for the Auditors:

  • minimally edited video recordings of the two weekends, 3rd & 4th October and 23rd & 24th April 2016. We can almost guarantee that this will not be a polished professional recording with intro slides and music, etc, unless a miracle occurs!However, it would be like you were actually there, like a fly on the wall. We promise to get the best sound quality possible with the equipment available. We are hiring a semi-professional to do the job. (In other words, it may not end up with the best sound quality in the world, but we’ll do our best.)We will even record deep listening sessions if a pair is willing to be recorded, and a small group discussion session if we have one.
  • All monthly assignments (5), guaranteed to help deepen your grounding and communicate the Three Principles more effectively with others (the caveat here is it’s only guaranteed if you actually do the assignments and have insights accordingly).
  • Participation in an exclusive Facebook group for connection, inspiration, insight sharing and more with others on the EPT4 auditor track. Assignments are posted in the group.

So, you will attend the training weekends from afar, get the assignments and do the assignments (if you’re wise) and join in the Facebook group for ongoing support. Heck, it would be almost like you are actually there!

Just in case you are wondering why we are not doing a professional recording like some other 3P trainers do, it’s because:

  • we’re different
  • we want to keep the costs to a minimum and pass on the savings to you
  • this is a first for us in the realm of technology (and things may not go as smoothly as we would like!)
  • probably some other great reasons but we don’t know what they are!

This really is an amazing opportunity to benefit from a practitioner training on a shoe string budget since there are no travel or accommodation costs and the actual price of the package is also very low.

I wanted to share with you how excited I am having started to watch the first 2 videos…

I can feel that I’m right there, and what’s more, the feelings from being on the last weekend of the course come right back – that’s MAGIC! I am basking in the feelings!

And just to say more ….. whatever hopes/expectations I had of the video training have already been far exceeded. The quality of filming is really good – zooming in on people when they’re talking – the quality of sound is really good… in fact I’m hearing it BETTER than when I was in that room because of all the ‘Spanish distractions’ plus the acoustics in the room, plus my dodgy hearing. So pleased I have the opportunity to retake the training from the comfort of my home!

Thank you so much for making it possible!

Mick Tomlinson

Investment for Video Auditor Track of EPT4

A brief reminder of what’s included:Headphones

  • Unlimited access to video recordings of 2 x 2 full-day weekend trainings
  • Monthly written assignments (5) from Jack to deepen your grounding
  • Participation in exclusive Facebook group for connection and peer support

€175.00 + sales tax where applicable

And just in case you have no idea what the EPT is all about, you can see all the details here:

If you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact Sheela Masand at

“I have always been curious about the way Jack shows up in his writing and his teaching of The Principles but I have only ever managed to attend a one day training with him.Can you imagine my delight when Sheela suggested we could audit his Spanish training ? I actually pulled my car over onto the hard shoulder and signed up there and then.

I really do recommend this video series. It’s different and it’s quirky and that is Jack in a nutshell throughout this series guiding us back to our spiritual essence in a beautiful and humble way.”

With love

Jacquie Forde, CEO, The Wellbeing Alliance.

Also, if the price is still absolutely out of your budget, and you have a burning desire to join in, please get in touch with Sheela at the email above.

“This was perfect to do in a group. More than anything, it helped crystallize our own understanding of what has impacted us most and how to communicate it to others. We saw so many times that the specific content or words in a sense didn’t matter because when someone ‘knew’ something to be true in their bones, we felt impacted by that regardless.”

Mahima Shrestha leading a group in Nepal.