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Realizing Improved Mental Health by Understanding the Three Principles — 1 Comment

  1. THANKS Jack Pransky for sharing this link in your newsletter!

    One might argue it’s just in my head, or the initial diagnosis was a mistake… The fact is that within less than 2yrs of coming across this information – aka 3P bridge to the other side of myself – I believed & experience the tearing duality of ‘being mentally ill…’ From bedridden to barely functional… Went from hopeful to feeling fulfilled & enthusiastically, while slowly reCreating life habits supportive of physical health; now that I’m no longer thinking myself embattled 24/7…

    When I say fact, my mental health professional of almost 13yrs, retired in 2015. Which is when I discovered he was, more than a psychologist & actually a psychiatrist. When I asked for a written mention I was not ‘faking’ the debilitating physical aspects or deliberately cheating the Government; in case an uninformed bureaucrat bend upon budget cuts wanted to close my case. We agreed that as a parting acknowledgement, of the perceivable change which had occurred during these last years, he write me a recommendation note for a local Doctor.

    To my surprise, he amended the diagnosis of ‘Severe Disassociation & Multiple Personality’ to ‘Anxiety Disorder’; the latter with a note that I was still unable to join the workforce. Which gives me time, to recreate healthy habits & contribute as best I can to a society which allowed me to be guided to the loving realization that Innate WellBeing is already within each of us.

    Peace InJoy & Life’s AbunDance All*Ways,
    from Renata in Canada…

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