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Book cover for Somebody Should Have Told Us by Jack PranksyBelow are a sample of unsolicited endorsements for books by Jack Pransky. (See also testimonials for Jack’s training)

Oh, I forgot to tell you about an awesome session I had yesterday with a client.  We have had 2 sessions… and she is bowled over by the change in herself, free from the constant noise of thought in her head.   She is half way through Somebody Should Have Told Us and just loves it.  She just wanted to shout out ‘somebody should have told me this!!’ on a number of occasions already! Just wanted you to know the profound affect your book is having on her.
R.D., UK    5

Jack I found one of your earliest books truly life changing and was part of what set me
off on my own principles journey.
A.R., UK

Your book (and Modello) have rocked my world, and completely changed my relationship with my daughter. So much so that I quit being a business coach, blew up my business and I now working with parents to realise the Three Principles and find peace in their parenting
T.F. Switzerland

I wanted to write and tell you what a profound impact your book ‘Modello‘ has had on my life….Both the story and the way in which you told it moved me deeply – I was inspired to enquire about the possibility of voluntary work with the Center for Sustainable Change. …I do hope to have the opportunity to meet and learn from you in person one of these days. Thank you so much for inspiring me and helping me on my path to find my own way of contributing.
K.E., UK

Thank you for writing “somebody should have told us“…… Your book was instrumental in helping me through and being at peace with the break up of my marriage in January and the loss of my job in March. …A counselor I know recommended I read it (Which I did twice!) I can honestly say, it has given me the insights and inner strength to not go under. .. I don’t think any of them (including my estranged partner) can quite understand… I do know I’d have been in a lot worse shape if I had not been introduced to them.

I read your book – someone should have told us. I live in Singapore and had to buy it in – at the most expensive second hand book…and get it sent to me…I want to say how it moved me … and it helps me so much with 3ps…
M.N. Singapore

The first book I found at Amazon.com was your book “Somebody should have told us” which indeed completely changed my life, I began to feel that the happiness and love inside me was always there, it was really innate, I began to realize that it was only my own thinking that hold me prison, so I could free myself more and more from my own limitation, I took responsibility, I no longer felt like a victim of the circumstances….After reading your book I got even more curious and dug even deeper into the topic of the Three Principles…first of all I want to thank you by heart for sharing your wisdom with the public in your book “Somebody should have told us“, it helped me to completely transform my life into the positive.. I would love to translate your book into the German language, which is my native language, to make this invaluable information and wisdom available also for German speaking people…you were the one who wrote the book that started my journey to the inside, and see, what you have done ;-))))))
R.S. Austria

I can honestly say that the impact your book as had on my life is overwhelming it has opened a door to a quality of life that had always been there but my awareness and understanding had not been……Over the following months…[my counselor]…would suggest certain books to read and introduced me to The 3 principles and how this could be of benefit if I was open to it.  I read the book ‘Somebody should have told us’ by Jack Pransky  and was amazed at the effect it had on me.  I don’t want to sound over dramatic but it was literally a turning point in my life suddenly all of the things we had been discussing were coming together and the recommendations of books and seminars were creating a strong foundation for a very basic and simple but effective and life changing way of thinking. I have not self-harmed for 9 months and I am unquestionably back to being the woman I was… Your book is changing my life!! Thank you.
A.E., Lifetime Fitness Trainer, UK

Your book is amazing, inspiring and life changing. Thank you so much :
C. P. UK

Book cover for Modello - a story of hope for the inner city and beyondI read two of your books Modello and Someone should of told us – they are both great…. thank you so much…
Y.J., Facebook

Your book is crazy….It’s dynamite.
L.F. Alabama

I have been very inspired by your words and trainings via [three principles movies] as well as – as a first contact – via Somebody should have told us – and your way of writing about the principles. You make it accessible and you keep it real (and do not complicate it 🙂  in a way that I feel are in line with how Sydney Banks wanted to spread this understanding.
…I would also love to bring your books “Parenting from the heart” and “What is a thought” to Sweden.
E.K. Sweden

I am halfway through your book….. I love the simplicity and clarity of your words, they just sink in…. I feel like the translation of your book [into German] would be extremely helpful………
K.S., Spain


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