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  1. Well, i am not sure what to say regarding your adventures Jack, other than I like the spiritual geography, the hurdles of your travels and ebb and flow of your sharings around the world. I did read your book, which my wife won in a gift exchange game in White Rock, B.C.. The price was right, it was long, and true to its author it was full of information both the divine spiritual and everyday events/dramas. It reminds me of Islands of Knowledge, where Linda writes Syd’ words, “Desirelessness is love”. One of those great opposites that so many folks get caught up in regarding mates and relationships. Syd lived in a house, where as you entered his driveway, a sign was attached to a tree, SECOND CHANCE. And thats it isn’t it..thru the grace of the 3 Principles, thru the truth and through the beacon of Syd’s sharing, we are all having a Second Chance of finding our purpose in life. And we can pass it on, and that’s what you do Jack, with a warm hearted approach to learning and giving. I can here Syd’s voice echo, from the halls of heaven, ” Its so simple, you would not believe, how simple it is”
    . With love and deep appreciation..Marty.

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